Agra Events & Festivals

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Agra is a city of great appreciation for seasons, heritage and arts, which is why the beginning of major celebrations start with the Taj Mahotsava in February. This ten-day festival is a very modern approach to highlighting arts and crafts, culture, music and dance. Elephants and camels strut throughout the parades adorned in beautiful jewellery, adding the perfect touch of “carnival” to this event. February continues to be an exciting month for Agra with the also celebrated Kailash Fair, held in remembrance of Lord Shiva. Also dedicated to Lord Shiva is the Bateshwar Fair in October or November each year, attracting thousands of devoted followers who bathe in the Yamuna River and celebrate with an interesting livestock fair. Another point of interest is the intriguing annual festival of Lord Ram and Sita, recognized as Rambarat. On this occasion, the entire city gathers at a special stage created to look like Sita’s palace, where a wedding procession begins. The wedding is acted out and then carried throughout numerous parts of the town on a special silver chariot. These very traditional yet unique events are certainly memorable, inviting a various amount of tourists each season to check out what is in store for Agra’s community.

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